Web Hosting is the service that allows others to view your website over the internet. HYOS offers you Dedicated Web Hosting, increased security for your sites, higher speed and guaranteed uptime.

Our dedicated web hosting service is Managed, not a faceless shared hosting experience. Hyos is here to help you configure and deal with all the technical challenges that you may face with your site.
Who is it for?

Highly recommended for businesses or users who run high traffic websites, manage large databases or applications that are CPU intensive and don’t fit the standard packages.

Main Advantages
  • A dedicated server allows the customer to utilize the full CPU and RAM resources of the system.
  • The server will only be accessed by one customer.
  • With dedicated web hosting you will have faster site load times and visitors will be able to see your website or blog without any issues.
  • Server security customization to fit your needs.
Other Services

Design, recommendations & maintenance of your website – provide easy tools, mobile access & free consulting throughout your site’s yearly needs.


Having an entire server to yourself, you avoid the risk of running out of resources (Banwidth, Memory) because other hosting clients are using them all up.


All resources on the server are allocated to you, which means that nobody else but you will have access to it

Custom Configuration

If you need to install a particular software or configure the server in a specific way then Dedicated Web Hosting is the solution!

Peace of Mind

Keep all your data safe; with HYOS Dedicated Web Hosting you get Automatic Managed Backups of your entire site.

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